Well-Being Space

Well-Being Space: The Spa


Well-Being Space



Come enjoy a hydrotherapy session that combines the effects of heat from water heated to 35 °, the feeling of weightlessness and massage. The action of the massage jets of hot water relaxes all your muscles, promotes the circulation of your blood and removing toxins. Our SPA can accommodate 5 people

sauna1 The Sauna

is ideal for resting the body and spirit, fitness with ease.

Sauna Spa

Hour private session in the afternoon or evening to 5people, adults from 16 years.
Book the day before your session with the Lodgings of the Belle Etoile

Tel: 02 51 49 35 65 or 06 08 34 24 03


Modeling – Energy Care

The care that will be provided to you only care of well being and relaxation. It is by no means medical massage or physiotherapy. Wellness techniques ideal for relaxation and recreation, non-sexual, and liberating stress.
Reservation session by appointment only
Call to
Cosette:  06 76 24 55 25