Gîtes with pool


Cottage with swimming pool

Cottage with swimming pool


The lodgings of the stars, holidays rhyme with water fun.
All our houses have an indoor pool, private or shared.
The shared pool, with an area of 8 meters by 4 meters, is heated during the whole year
outside periods of extreme cold, the water is heated by a heat pump and the air is heated by a boiler and pulsed under the shelter by a fan.
The private pools are also covered and measure 7 meters by 3 meters, this for the three cottages “Ville en Bois”, “Pressoir”, “Grange”. 
About Chalets the private pool are covered and measure 5 metres by 2 metres, each includes a system to swim against the current.
With sliding shelter, water temperature is pleasant, including evenings and during the less sunny days.

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